The Wizard of Oz to coach in the United States

Tim Coleman
Tim Coleman

Tim Coleman, a well known Australian trials and enduro rider, to coach students in May 2016!

Poisk Adventures is bringing Tim Coleman, a well known Australian trials and enduro rider, to the United States for the first time to coach students. Tim has represented Australia well in the Trials Des Nations, while competing against the top riders in the world.

Coleman also appeared in the blockbuster movie Wolverine, starring Hugh Jackman. "It was a great experience. It was really cool chasing Hugh Jackman around on the rooftops of a Japanese village on a trials bike", he added.

Tim will be teaching two schools in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia at Mt. Motorcycles, a secluded and private motorcycle resort. The steep and rocky terrain at Mt. Moto is perfect for trials or enduro riders looking to hone their technical skill.

The first two-day school, dubbed as "Freeriding with Tim Coleman-TRIALS", will be held on May 14th and May 15th 2016. As the name suggests, the school is designed primarily for trials riders. The Wizard of Oz will be sharing his magical skill set with the students. The first day of school will cover basics, such as balancing, stance, slow turns, pivot turns, slow wheelies, log hops. The second day of school will cover more advanced techniques such as front and rear wheel hops, bunny hops, nose wheelies, keeping the pressure, dropoffs, rollups, etc. Both days will include Tim's demonstration of his breathtaking tricks.

There will also be plenty of trail riding at one of the most magical places on Earth – Mt. Motorcycles. Vintage trials and modern trials riders are welcomed along with enduro riders who are willing to try these trials techniques on their bikes.

The second two-day school, "Freeriding with Tim Coleman – ENDURO" will be held on May 21st and May 22nd 2016. The school will be focused on enduro techniques. This coaching program will cover such topics as clutch/throttle control, line selection, basic principles of traction, risk assessment, body position and weight transfer, several types of log crossings, off-camber technique, lofting techniques, manipulating the suspension, rock technique, bail-out technique, bike settings and more. Students will also ride on some sections of 2015 Terra Kings Beast Mode TT trail to test their skills in the extreme enduro environment. Enduro riders of all classes are welcomed.

What makes this school unique is that Tim Coleman's approach to coaching is based on freeriding. It means no pressure, and it means taking your time to learn the technique. It also means enjoying the exercises by incorporating such things as playfulness and joy into the program. Freeriding is about discovering obstacles anywhere you go, and utilizing them to hone your riding skills. Why do you want to improve your skill? To have more fun leisure-riding? To become smoother and more proficient on a bigger variety of gnarlier terrain? To shave lap times on race day? No matter what drives you, it all comes down to knocking down that next obstacle, and having more fun on the bike.

About the Schools

Freeriding with Tim Coleman - Trials school will run on May 14th and May 15th, 2016. Tim will serve as the lead instructor for the entirety of the school. The event will take place at Mt. Motorcycles.

Freeriding with Tim Coleman - Enduro school will run on May 21th and May 22nd, 2016. Tim will serve as the lead instructor for the entirety of the school. The event will take place at Mt. Motorcycles.


A motorcycle destination resort and camp in the mountains of Southeastern West Virginia. Mt. Moto is operated by Off-Road Resource Management, LLC, and opened its doors in April of 2015. The facility is designed for motorcyclists only, and welcomes riders of enduro, dual sport, adventure, trials, and street disciplines.


Based in Washington DC metropolitan area Poisk Adventures is a motorcycle services company offering riding schools, guided motorcycle tours and expeditions, motorcycle rentals to moto enthusiasts from around the world. Poisk Adventures focuses on adventure motorcycle market and builds its services around it.

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