Wild and Wonderful Motorcycle Expedition

A guided three-day motorcycle expedition that starts from Washington DC metro area and goes all the way to Mt. Motorcycles resort and back. Total route: 1,000+ miles.

Poisk Adventures' Wild & Wonderful Motorcycle Expedition has been carefully designed to make adventure riders truly appreciate the beauty and magnificent country and mountaineous landscapes of Virginia and West Virginia. Discover the new local roads and have a blast while riding to the mecca of motorcycles, Mt. Motorcycles, located in the wilderness of Rock Camp, WV.

Quick Summary

Start Date & Time: Friday, Aug 5th 2016 7am EST.
Finish Date & Time: Sunday, Aug 7th 2016 at 10pm EST.
Riding Days: 3
Miles: 1,000+
Bikes Permitted: Big Adventure Bikes & Dual-Sport Bikes
Route Composition: 95% local country roads, some gravel, trails. Highway is 5%
Maximum Riders: 7
Starts from: Washington DC (or the Plains, VA)
Finishes at: Washington DC (or the Plains, VA)
Lodging included at: Mt. Motorcycles
Price: $300
Discount(s): 10% off the expedition ticket for female riders
Organized by: Poisk Adventures
Sponsor(s): Mt.Motorcycles, Wayne's Cycle Shop.

What's included

  • A safe, fun and mind expanding motorcycle expedition highly organized and professionally guided
  • 3 days of adventure riding
  • 1,000+ travel miles of awesomeness
  • Lodging: Friday night, Saturday at Mt. Motorcycles
  • Breathtaking country views & Blue Ridge vistas
  • $15 gift card from Wayne's Cycle Shop
  • Day 1 Lunch brought to you by Wayne's Cycle Shop
  • Meals: Day 1 Lunch, Day 1 Dinner, Day 2 Breakfast, Day 2 Dinner, Day 3 Breakfast.
  • Mt. Motorcycles Silver Membership ($15 value)
  • Lots of pictures
  • Riding through Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Cherishable memories that will stay with you forever
  • Side effects include: being a happier person, finding a sudden inspiration, freeing your mind, meeting new friends, wanting to come back and do it again, and again, and again...


Safety is of a paramount importance. Nearly 80% of the ride there will be no or very minimal traffic. Highway use is minimal (less then 5%).  We also will make periodic stops to relax, to replenish calories, and optionally to do some physical exercises to ensure blood gets to all important organs to minimize rider's fatigue and recharge the mind. 

Route Composition

The route is composed specifically not to dull the rider. Different modes of riding are combined and frequently interchange each other. A nice short straight road will change into a twisty. A twisty will change into a gravel road. A gravel road will change into a fire road. A fire road will change into a local road leading to a small town. Lots of country. Gigabytes of stunning scenery.

Female Riders

We highly encourage female riders to join our expedition! That's why if you are a moto lady and decide to join our motorcycle expedition, you will get a special 10% moto lady discount.


You can take a passenger with you. However, if you have not ridden offroad with a passenger,  you will need to take a quick training session before the rider's orientation meeting. During Day 2 Exploration ride,  your passenger may stay at the lodge since some trails may be a bit difficult to ride 2 up without experience.


Although for all participating riders lodging is included, if you want to sleep in your tent, a campsite will be provided to you. ;-)

Highway use

Minimum. Only to get to the next juicy section or can be used during emergencies.

Expedition Program

Day 1. Immersion*
The first day goal is to ride up to Mt. Motorcycles and in the process of doing so immerse the riders into the expedition itself. Light offroad is included. Gravel roads and fire roads will be a part of the first day riding menu. The idea is to prepare riders for Day 2 that will include a lot more offroading. Upon arrival at the camping destination, a mighty victorious dinner will be served.

Day 2. Exploration*
After a full night good recovery sleep and energizing breakfast served at Mt. Motorcycles' patio overlooking a valley, the riders will be guided to explore local trails and mountain passes. This day will consist mainly of light and medium-level offroad riding. The goal of Day 2 is to explore the Wild and the Wonderful! Passengers can stay at the lodge since this day will  be a bit more challenging to ride two up offroad. When the mission is completed, another victorious dinner will be served at Mt. Motorcycles and cozy warm beds will be ready for adventurous gladiators!

Day 3. Reflection*
Although some may want to stay and long for more, after a memorable and refreshing breakfast at Mt. Motorcycles peak we will have to wrap it up and set sail back. The ride back will be easy local roads with some gravel roads. As during each day of riding there will be periodic stops to relax and replenish calories. What will be different is that during Day 3 stops, riders will be re-living their previous days' memories and sharing their reflections and experiences with others in the group.

* Each day also includes quite a few pleasant surprises that will be unveiled either during the rider's orientation meeting or in the process of riding.

Basic Rules

  • Riding in the group, the group discipline
  • No man left behind policy
  • No showing off
  • Wear protective gear always
  • If you are tired, don't be shy – we will stop. It's about enjoying the ride, not risking your life!
  • A positive mood


Any adventure and dual sport bikes are welcome. Although higher-displacement dual-sport and big adventure bikes may be a bit easier to ride during long days, our average speed during the whole expedition should not exceed 45mph. On Day 2 the tables will be turned: lighter dual-sport bikes are going to be at advantage riding offroad.

Rider Requirements

  • Minimum of 2 year of riding experience
  • Recommended: some experience of riding offroad
  • Not afraid to ride light offroad (gravel, fire roads and some trails)
  • Must be in a good overall physical shape
  • Must be capable and willing to ride 8+hrs in a day (with stops)
  • Rider must have a motorcycle valid insurance.

What to bring

  • Water, enough water for yourself (and if you bring a passanger with you, enough water for both of you)
  • Some snacks  for yourself (and your passanger, if you bring one)
  • Tools, a flat tire repair kit
  • Rain jacket and pants (or wear water-proof gear)
  • Swimming shorts (we may stop by in a few nice spots to cool off ;-) ).

Animals you may see

Black Bears. Bunnies. Cows. Coyotes. Crows. Deer. Eagles. Falcons. Foxes. Goats. Gophers. Hawks. Horses. Jays. Lamas. Otters. Pheasants. Racoons. Ravens. Sheep. Snakes. Squirrels. Vultures. And a lot more...