About us

Poisk Adventures was created to share an evolution of spirit, joys, insights, and wonderful experiences of riding motorcycles. We explore the world with a fresh perspective. The enigmatic world of motorcycle expeditions is our ultimate mission.

Based in Washington DC metropolitan area Poisk Adventures is a motorcycle services company offering riding schools, guided motorcycle tours and expeditions, motorcycle rentals to moto enthusiasts from around the world. Poisk Adventures focuses on adventure motorcycle market and builds its services around it.


Poisk Adventure Riders

Alex “The Hawk”
Alex dreamed about motorcycle expeditions and adventures since his childhood. He loves his Triumph Tiger 800XC a.k.a. Poisk which he plans to take on his trips through out North, Central and South Americas.During his work days and city commuting he enjoys riding Hawk, a beautiful 1989 Honda Hawk NT650 GT. He looks at motorcycling as a form of meditation and spiritual renewal.
CODE NAME: The Seeker
Aytac “The Rebel”
From his early childhood Aytac was looking for ways to ride the two wheels. When his dad came for lunch this young man would use this opportunity to ride his dad’s 2-stroke motorcycle around the neighborhood and to get groceries. Aytac’s thrill of moto adventure is magnetizing and inspiring. He is very generous and fun. The Rebel has 2 bikes in his stable: Black Knight [Ducati Monster] and Adventurezilla [Suzuki DR 350 SE].
CODE NAME: The Adventurer
Guru “The Wolf”
Guru is a wise and very experienced motorcyclist. In fact he never owned a car in his life. He rides only motorcycles, bikes and walks a lot. He very generously shared his time, his knowledge and many howtos to help Alex to get back into the world of motorcycling. He is an amazing person and a patient teacher.The Wolf has three bikes in his stable: Shibumi [Honda CB599], Bagira [Ducati Monster] and Amarok [Yamaha FZ1].
CODE NAME: The Explorer

Mt. Motorcycles Strategic Partnership

Poisk Adventures developed a strategic partnership with Mt. Motorcycles resort. The company founders consider Mt. Motorcycles to be a key ingredient of guided motorcycle expeditions and an amazing base where riding schools can be easily organized and properly equipped.

Mount Motorcycles is a secluded and private motorcycle resort in the mountains of southeast West Virginia.  It is located just inside the Virginia line, in the Alleghenies portion of the Appalachian Range.  The resort is open on weekends and is not open to the general public.  However, anyone can easily become a member and take advantage of our wonderful riding opportunities and atmosphere.  Club members will have the opportunity to stay and ride here on a reservation basis. Learn more at Mt. Motorcycles website.