Freeriding with Tim Coleman - Trials

Freeriding with Tim Coleman – Trials is designed to assist trials riders of all levels to improve their existing skills, learn new tricks and inject the playfulness and joy into their riding.

Whether you want to prepare for a competition or simply improve your trials techniques Freeriding with Tim Coleman – Trials school can and will make you a stronger rider!

The school is being taught by one of the most skilled, talented, and technically smooth freerider on the planet. Tim Coleman, a true Wizard of Os, will share with you his magical tricks and tips on how to become not only a better rider, but also become a more observant and more happy motorcyclist.

Hundreds of thousands watch his videos on YouTube and trying to learn his tricks. Now it's your chance to see his performance live, close and personal! Just imagine what it’s like to hit the trail with Tim. Where he will stop and share his strategies and tips with you, and give personal feedback as you practice.  The visual demonstrations alone would be a powerful learning tool, but our students will get so much more!!!

Even if you are a woods racer or an enduro rider this course will benefit you like no other one. It is because of excellent trials skills riders such as Tim Coleman, Graham Jarvis, Johnny Walker, Alfredo Gomez, Chris Birch and many others continue to win extreme enduro races. Nothing will ever replace the importance of such fundamentals as balancing, traction, clutch and throttle control and the precision of your technique.

Learning and enhancing your trials techniques will give you much stronger competitive edge over other wood and enduro riders who simply focus on speed and just to get over obstacles. You will loose a lot less energy, you will keep your bike out of harms way and most importantly you will enjoy your race like never before.

So, even if you have a dirt or an enduro bike you are welcomed as well! We do encourage you to find a trials bike because learning Tim's tricks will be a lot simpler and safe if performed on a lighter and smaller motorcycle. Even an old Honda TLR200 Reflex may do a better job in this course.

This school also welcomes young riders who just discovered the amazing world of trials. If you are a parent and want your kid to get more out of his Osset electrical bike and have more fun with it, bring him or her to our school! Young riders will receive a special discount. Nothing inspires more then to see the next generation of riders develop their skills!

If you have a vintage trials bike, such as Yamaha TY250, TY 175 or Honda TLR200 Reflex, Bultaco,   Gas Gas or others, you will learn that your bike can do a lot more! Come and sign up for Tim's school and discover that playful trials soul in your bike!

Freeriding with Tim Coleman – Trials will cover the following vital areas:

  • balancing and stance
  • traction
  • line selection
  • clutch and throttle control
  • mental strategy with the freeriding spirit
  • slow turns on level ground as well as off-camber
  • pivot turns
  • slow wheelies
  • keeping the pressure
  • log hops
  • bunny hops
  • front and rear wheel hops
  • nose wheelies (stoppies)
  • steep hill climbs and downhills
  • rock climbing and conquering steps
  • bail-out techniques
  • risk assessment
  • wheel placement
  • and a lot more...