Rent a 1999 Suzuki DR350SE

A light dual sport bike that gets you places other bikes won't. A perfect scouting vehicle.

Planning to have a  scouting expedition in the George Washington National Forest?

Want to ride a light street legal bike offroad?

Want to attend Poisk Adventures Big Adventure Bike Course, but can't get/rent a big bike?

Want to participate in one of Poisk Adventures guided motorcycle tours or motorcycle expeditions?

Then 1999 Suzuki DR350SE is your answer!


Length: 2,235 mm / 88″
Width: 884 mm / 34.8″
Height: 1,245 mm / 49″
Seat Height: 889 mm / 35 ″
Curb Weight: 143 kg / 315.26 lb
Engine: Air cooled, 4-stroke, 1 cylinder, SOHC, 4 valves
Displacement: 348cc
Torque: 29 N·m / 21.39 ft·lbf @ 6,200 RPM
Power: 21.9kW (29.37hp) @ 7,600 RPM
Fuel Tank Capacity: 9 L (2.38 gal.)
Average Fuel Economy: 4.28 L/100 km  (54.96 MPG).


  • enlarged aftermarket operators' foot pegs for a greater comfort while riding standing up
  • a custom tool kit to able to fix most minor issues
  • 2L fuel bottle fastened to the rear rack
  • a small rear rack
  • plastic handlebar mud guards/bark busters
  • proven D606 50/50 tires
  • skid plate
  • small form turn lights
  • a custom tail light section to make the bike look aggressive and more modern
  • a better looking front fender
  • a high final drive ratio (tops at 65 MPH) for better traction, less clutch control in offroad conditions


Rent fee: TBA

Insurance: $10-20/day

Security Deposit: $100

Other fees: may apply


  • Leasee needs to have a valid motorcycle license
  • Needs to have at least 2 years of motorcycle experience
  • Poisk Adventures reserves the right to deny you renting any of our bikes.

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