Extreme Enduro Strategy of Graham Jarvis

Graham Jarvis. Photo Credit: Lisa Atwood Hawkins
Graham Jarvis. Photo Credit: Lisa Atwood Hawkins

What makes Graham Jarvis consistently win extreme enduro races for such a long time? .

We love Graham Jarvis and his style of riding. We do believe he is the best technical and extreme enduro rider in the world! Following our introductory article on G-force riding style here is the next short piece we promised.
What makes Graham Jarvis consistently win extreme enduro races for such a long time? Three basic components which are a superb execution of enduro and trials techniques, low levels of risks, physical stamina and strength. In this post we share our own insights into the second component.
Watch how Graham rides. He carefully calculates his risks when racing. When it comes to speed Graham takes it easy. Why? Speed multiplies your risks tenfold  which means you also have less control over the bike and your ride. Sure, it can be very cool to ride super crazy fast and win sections and maybe even races, but it takes only one serious fall, one little mistake, one injury and you are out of the race as quickly as you rode into it. Speed is a short-term strategy with much higher risks and it will not win extreme enduro races in several consecutive years.  One good fall can easily wipe out your aspirations for good.

That's why when it comes to open spaces and plains Graham allows other riders to pass him by. He saves his energy, saves his bike and most importantly he doesn't gamble with speed much. One case in point? Erzberg Rodeo 2015. He starts far behind the leading pack. The front runners speed up, use their motorcross skills to their best just to get away from the rest of the group and gain some time. You would think it's a game-over for Graham, but what makes an extreme enduro race very entertaining is the fact that it holds many surprises.

What happens with 2015 Erzbergrodeo riders that focus on speed? One top rider falls on the first hill and the race is over for him. The other one is rushing so much that eventually gets his bike's radiator punctured and steaming. And where is Graham?

He consistently passes one rider at a time flawlessly, patiently and with the strong determination of G-Force. His bike revs are kept low, his moves are being meticulously weighted and planned, and his core trials skills are now being used to their full extent.

Now, Graham is in the second position following the leader. A few more moments and the extreme enduro machine takes the lead. 

And that's what makes Graham Jarvis one of the best technical riders on the planet today! And we are super thrilled to have another school with His Highness, The King of Extreme Enduro, The Only One, Graham Jarvis -  this October!

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2015 Hard Enduro Techniques with Graham Jarvis school will run on October 16th and October 17th, 2015. Jarvis will serve as the lead instructor for the entirety of the school. The event will take place at Mt. Motorcycles followed by Terra Kings 2015 Beast Mode TT race at the same location on October 18th 2015.


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