What Graham Jarvis school is all about

Due to the overwhelming volume of questions regarding 2015 Hard Enduro Techniques with Graham Jarvis we decided to write a short post about the most common questions applicants have regarding the program and the exercises.

We will begin by saying that the reason why Graham Jarvis came to the United States a year ago and we started to organize schools with him is because of Graham's style of riding. Just like eastern martial arts there are many various philosophies, techniques, strategies and tactics when it comes to riding enduro motorcycles. When the founders of Poisk Adventures saw Graham Jarvis for the first time they were immediately hooked to his unique style of riding.

Graham Jarvis style of riding can be broken down into three basic components: a superb execution of enduro and trials techniques, low levels of risks, and physical stamina and strength. Though we briefly touch and cover the second and the third component of his style, the main focus of the schools is to help students to introduce and to master the first component - execution of enduro and trials techniques.

One of our most favorite and famous phrases of Graham is to learn to ride slow before you can ride fast. It is the key ingredient of his school and it's based on such critical skills as clutch and throttle control, balancing and traction. That's why we start our schools with such simple exercises as Figure 8, balancing the bike while standing up and not moving, pivot turns, slow wheelies. Gradually we move to more advanced techniques such as picking up the best route, log hopping at the right and sharp angles, riding through creek beds and rock gardens, steep hill climbs and descents, riding off-camber, learning to recover from many situations when stuck in gnarly terrain, riding from drop-offs and riding on top of them, crossing river beds and creeks, and so on.

The school is well suited from beginners to pro level riders. Sometimes it is much easier for amateurs to learn Graham's tricks then for the seasoned riders to re-learn their techniques. There is no pressure and if some students feel they better stand down and watch Graham and other students perform some of the advanced exercises, it is totally cool and respected. The material of the school is amazingly valuable for all riders who wish to become better technical riders or to take their existing skills to a completely new level. It's also a great chance to meet the legend and to ride along!

Just watching Graham perform those exercises will imprint into your memory for a long, long, long time and just because of this you will feel a bit more confident and have a much better visual guide on how to do certain techniques and exercises in the future. But of course, the experience of doing the actual exercises with Graham's feedback is priceless!

Stay tuned for more interesting insights into Graham Jarvis style of riding and his school!

About the School

2015 Hard Enduro Techniques with Graham Jarvis school will run on October 16th and October 17th, 2015. Jarvis will serve as the lead instructor for the entirety of the school. The event will take place at Mt. Motorcycles followed by Terra Kings 2015 Beast Mode TT race at the same location on October 18th 2015.


A motorcycle destination resort and camp in the mountains of Southeastern West Virginia. Mt. Moto is operated by Off-Road Resource Management, LLC, and opened its doors in April of 2015. The facility is designed for motorcyclists only, and welcomes riders of enduro, dual sport, adventure, trials, and street disciplines.


Based in Washington DC metropolitan area Poisk Adventures is a motorcycle services company offering riding schools, guided motorcycle tours and expeditions, motorcycle rentals to moto enthusiasts from around the world. Poisk Adventures focuses on adventure motorcycle market and builds its services around it.


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