Hard Enduro Techniques with Graham Jarvis

Graham Jarvis. Photo Credit: Lisa Atwood Hawkins
Graham Jarvis. Photo Credit: Lisa Atwood Hawkins

The Hard Enduro Techniques with Graham Jarvis is designed to assist off-road motorcyclists who wish to improve their technical skills and knowledge with respect to riding in difficult terrain. 

Whether you want to shave lap times at the track this season, or simply learn some solid new skills for the trail. The Hard Enduro Techniques school can and will make you a stronger rider!

All schools will be taught by the King of Hard Enduro himself!  Husqvarna Extreme Team hero Graham Jarvis is the most skilled, polished, and technically smooth enduro rider on the planet.  We’ve all admired his dominant performances at Red Bull Hard-Enduro events... at races like The Extreme Lagares in Portugal, The Sea to Sky in Turkey, Hell’s Gate in Italy, and The Erzberg Rodeo in Austria, and more.

If you like watching Graham ride, just imagine what it’s like to hit the trail with him…where he will stop and share his strategies and tips with you, and give personal feedback as you practice.  The visual demonstrations alone would be a powerful learning tool, but our students will get so much more!!!

The course is part physics lesson (understanding), part athletic practice (hands-on), part "Pros vs. Joes" (celebrity element), and part circus act (yes he is a freak show, respectfully).  Graham is a fine showman that seems to feed off of the enthusiasm of amazed onlookers.

He uses control and technique to win races, not speed…and is eager to share his controlled style to help make you a better woods rider.

In the school Graham will break down the basic and advanced techniques he uses to achieve mastery in a variety of challenging terrain and obstacles.

Participants will receive instruction in several vital areas:

  • clutch/throttle control
  • line selection
  • basic principles of traction
  • risk assessment
  • body position and weight transfer
  • several types of log crossings
  • off-camber technique
  • lofting techniques
  • manipulating the suspension
  • rock technique
  • bail-out technique
  • bike settings

... and more!!!

Registration for Hard Enduro Techniques with Graham Jarvis is currently CLOSED.