You have reached an amazing place to learn, experience and be inspired by motorcycle adventures and everything that goes into it. Poisk Adventures offers a unique look of what you can do when it comes to adventures on two wheels. We offer riding schools, guided motorcycle tours and expeditions, and motorcycle rentals.

Being driven by the two-wheel passion we created this company in order to share an evolution of spirit, joys, insights, and wonderful experiences of riding motorcycles. We seek to spread our joy and love of motorcycles. We seek to enable those who share the same passion with us to achieve their motorcycle dreams. We seek to introduce new ways of making motorcycle riding more fulfilling and interesting. We combine our various talents to bring more useful tools to our fellow riders.

Riding Schools

We offer riding schools for those who want to improve their big bike offroad skills and to learn hard enduro techniques for those who want to take it to the next level.

We are thrilled to have Graham Jarvis, the King of the Extreme Enduro, a multi-year consistent winner of many hard enduro races around the world to  teach one of our schools - Hard Enduro Techniques.

Guided Motorcycle Tours & Expeditions

After discovering so many beautiful local scenic roads in Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia we've put together a list of guided motorcycle tours and expeditions. From one day short trips to multi-day expeditions we plan to have all of them filled with an exciting program and breathtaking scenery!

Motorcycle Rentals & Delivery

Want to rent a big adventure bike or a light dual sporter? You can rent them directly from Poisk Adventures! We plan to extend our fleet with more exciting offerings and custom mods.

Online Tools

We love motorcycles! We love our bikes! We love to learn about them, work on them and compare them! That's why we built a special online tool to help us to do that and more! is the most comprehensive online motorcycle comparison tool. It allows users to compare bikes using customizable sets of parameters and specifications. For example, you can compare front suspension travel of three or more bikes to see which bike has the longest travel and which bike has the shortest travel. Although our database is still limited in terms of number of bikes, but we are growing it bike-by-bike.